Who I Am…

My name is Tinsley Grace Flint, and I am from Buford, Georgia. I grew up in a home of four, including my parents, Pat and Susan, and my older brother, Chase. I have a West Highland Terrier named Fletcher, and will be getting a Sheepadoodle named Finley this October! I come from a family that taught me that Jesus is our savior, love can go a long way, and laughter is the best medicine. The way I was raised says a lot about the kind of people my parents are. They are two selfless souls who bent over backwards for my brother and I to have a strong education. I went to a private school in Atlanta for 10 years before transferring to a public school, causing my view of the world to change dramatically.

In my freshman year of high school, I decided it was time to leave the only school I had ever called home and enter into a brand new territory, public school. My dad always says I matured faster than others, which is why I was ready to move on from the world I had lived in for so long. I started the year timid and quiet, however by the time I graduated, I was more confident than I had ever imagined myself being. I had formed bonds with teachers and students that pushed me to be the best version of myself, I had made plans for my future while others were unsure, and I grew to understand the blessing I had received when God gave me the parents that He did.

Now, I am a Junior at the University of Georgia majoring in Consumer Journalism in hopes of becoming an events and meeting planner in the future. After being diagnosed with ADD as a teenager, I knew that Math and Science were not in the cards for me, so I turned to electives such as Marketing and Advertising to help me find my strengths. I learned that I loved to plan, organize, and add creativity to whatever I did. I still remember the feeling I got when the high school fashion show I planned was over. It was a mix of adrenaline, excitement, and relief; something I had never felt before. The passion for planning was in me from that point on, and I am here today to accomplish it. I also serve as the Vice President of Community Service for my sorority, Kappa Delta, which allows me to be involved with multiple events. Kappa Delta has brought me more joy than I ever expected in the form of friends, experience, and confidence. Without the bonds I have formed through this organization that have driven me to work harder each day, I would not be prepared to take on the corporate world of meeting planning like I am today.

I am extremely grateful for the ups and downs that I have faced in my life. Every acceptance or rejection I have received has taught me about humiliation and character. I have grown so greatly in my past two years at UGA, and look forward to seeing how the next two play out in my time here.

Three things I know to be true are:
#1: There is no better feeling than standing at the shoreline as the waves grace your ankles and your feet sink in the sand, with the smell of sunscreen and salt mixed in the air.
#2: A smile and a good attitude has never hurt anybody
#3: Good things take time

I hope you enjoy my blog that I have created for my Edit2000 class at UGA. Here I will release my knowledge to demonstrate my growth and understanding of the topics we discuss.