StoryCorps Session: Mekayla + Pair2Share

This week we were assigned to create a StoryCorps interview on any topic we wanted with whomever we wanted. As I thought about who I could interview, the one person that stuck out in my mind was my best friend Mekayla. When she was 16, Mekayla and two of her best friends created Pair2Share, a non-profit organization that donates shoes to young dancers who might not be able to afford them, in hopes of instilling a passion for dance in their lives. Now, Mekayla is a junior in college studying to be a PA, dances as a Georgette for UGA, and serves as the assistant public relations chair for her sorority, in addition to being a co-founder of Pair2Share. In our interview, Mekayla discusses how the team came up with Pair2Share, the challenges she faced with starting a non-profit so young, and the way it has affected her life.


This is a photo of Mekayla giving a pair of dance shoes to a young dancer in need of them. 

I am so grateful that Mekayla gave me the opportunity to ask her about this awesome organization she started. Anyone can donate and help with Pair2Share, regardless if they have danced or not, by sampling spreading the word about the incredible work they do. Mekayla has the biggest heart filled with confidence, dance, and helping others. I am so inspired by her daily, and am excited to share the interview with everyone.

Click here to listen to the interview with Mekayla: How Mekayla Started Pair2Share


Pictured here are the three founders of Pair2Share: Juliana, Meriah, and Mekayla




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